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Trisha Cousineau-Peiffer lives with her family and all of their animals, on a farm in rural Iowa . Born in California and raised in Iowa , Trisha has always loved the wide-open spaces of farm country. As a child she grew up in Sioux City before the vast construction began on the mall. Her home was near a farm and wooded area where she could usually be found playing in a tree or feeding a neighboring horse. Bib overalls were her choice of fashion and her mother could never get her out of them. At school and home Trisha was labeled a dreamer. Trisha states," If you stop dreaming you stop living and I intend to dream for a long time." You can look forward to a series of Rainbow Farm books by Trisha that will be published with illustrator Bonnie-Everett-Hawkes.


Have You Ever Heard
Of A Rainbow Farm...
The Barnyard


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